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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

hindi stories 2014

Some scholars have labelled much of the poetry of this period as "versified propaganda". According to Lucy Rosenstein: "It is verse of public statement; its language is functional but aesthetically unappealing. Earnest, concerned with social issues and moral values, it is puritanical poetry in which aesthetic considerations are secondary. Imagination, originality, poetic sensibility and expression are wanting, the metre is restrictive, the idiom clumsy." She adds, however, that the period was important for laying the foundations for modern Hindi poetry, it did reflect sensitivity to social issues of the time, and the inelegance is a typical feature of a "young" poetry, as she considers Modern Hindi

jadu chal gaya

baza maja dunga

school ka tour

agra se dilli

faad di maine

hansi to fansi 1

hansi to fansi 2


pyasi nigathe

seva ka mauka

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