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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New hindi stories

Literature in Hindi languages (Hindi: हिन्दी साहित्य) includes literature in the various Central Zone Indo-Aryan languages which have writing systems. It is broadly classified into four prominent forms (styles) based on the date of production. They are :

Vir-Gathas (poems extolling brave warriors) – 11th–14th century
Bhakti era poems (devotional poems) – 14th–18th century
Riti or Srngar poems (poems of romance) – 18th–20th century
Adhunik literature (modern literature) – 20th century onwards
The literature was produced in dialects such as Braj, Bundeli, Awadhi, Kannauji, Khariboli, Marwari, Angika, Vajjika, Maithili, Magahi and Bhojpuri. From 20th century, works produced in Standard Hindi, a register of Hindustani, is sometimes regarded as the only basis of modern literature in Hindi.

general yaun kushudha

padosi akele main

samlingi akele maza

padosi hamri

dost bhai ki girl

koi milgaya train safar

uski beti

shivani ki kunwari

bahak jane

dost ki biwi

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